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Tenant of Culture SECOND EDITION
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Edited by Charles Asprey & Antonia Marsh
Text by Jeppe Ugelvig
Interview by 650mAh
Design & Art Direction by Studio Ard
September 2020, English
96 pages, 23.5 × 30 cm, softcover, full colour
2nd Edition of 400

Soft Opening is pleased to announce a re-printing of Tenant of Culture’s first monographic publication, published by the gallery in collaboration with Charles Asprey and first edition sold out after 1 month. The book catalogues the artist’s development via a conclusive overview of both early and more recent work, accompanied by an essay from curator Jeppe Ugelvig titled “Tenant of Culture, Ragpicker of Fashion History” and an interview with Tenant of Culture’s ongoing collaborator 650mAh. While the essay interrogates the references, materials and processes that underpin the artist’s sculptural assemblages, the interview concentrates on public workshops held to encourage the exchange of ideas and techniques for garment recycling and upcycling.

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